Artist Statement

Anarchy of Senses

I am constantly attempting to paint real life, which happens and revolves around the secretive and obscure relationship between the individual, the group, and the environment they live in. This is the life that takes place in the half-light and it constitutes the motives of the image that I want to reflect. I am trying to explore the physical production of the artwork through the use of an abstract and symbolic outlet. I create a number of inhabited and fractioned cells, and their interaction produces a multitude of life games - sometimes a simple story, sometimes a journey and sometimes an enigma with an infinite number of possible meanings.

Beside this I am also explored the lived (or experienced) time, space and nature, then the mythological and imaginary time, space and nature. Then I dramatically combined and manipulated the results with issues in our contemporary time and every day practice. To achieve that in my artwork, I have to keep the formal structure of practice, beside the outsider uncanny ideas.

In doing so, am giving in to the condition of space and time where an individual or a group of individual reside. This is done through the up lifting of crowded tumultuous images, which has been for a long time, brewing and the reduction of presents with a sharp stroke or a naked line.

My thought here resembles the spark between the viewer and the artwork or that outlet when it comes in contact with an idea, a memory, a familiarity or a twisted reality.

Ghasan Saaid
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